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6. Revert Stories from Ismailism to Islam

Why I chose to leave Ismailism

Ismaili to Islam

Hazar Imam.22.

Bismillahir Rahamanir Rahim….

I have been thinking of writing my journey from Ismaili to Islam for quite some time. Before I start writing anything about my journey towards Islam I want to make it clear to the readers that it is not my intellect that has led to accept the true message of Allah but it is the Kadr of Allah and his Rahma that He guided me to His true deen, otherwise I would have gone astray. As Allah mentions in the Holy Quran clearly

And it is not for a soul to believe except by permission of Allah , and He will place defilement upon those who will not use reason. (Ch.10 V.100)
I have tried to confine this article with some bullet-ed points which I find it simpler to organize content of this article.

Imam Only Can Forgive Sins :

Ismailis believe that in order…

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2 thoughts on “Why I chose to leave Ismailism

  1. outstanding real life story


    Posted by alidali2014 | March 18, 2015, 6:39 pm
  2. Ismaili sect is totally against the teaching of Prophet of Islam
    They have invented many a things which are not allowed in Islam
    They consider their Imam is himself God


    Posted by Yousuf Bukhari | February 10, 2019, 1:43 pm

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