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Nowruz Mubarak: The Bitter Truth

1. Significance of Nowruz in Ismailism Nowruz (also spelled nauroz or navroz or navroze) is celebrated by Nizari Ismailis on March 21. In the evening, packets filled with raw sugar and raw rice are distributed in Jamatkhana and families decorate boiled eggs to mark the occasion. The significance of this festival in Nizari Ismailism is … Continue reading

Who was Imam ʿAlā Dhikrihi’s Salām?

Foundation of the Ismaili Faith is based upon Karim Aga Khan having an unbroken hereditary link with  Ali (ra) who was appointed as Mawla. Ismailis recite in their Holy Dua (daily prayers), the names of their 49 Imams, the consecutive descendants of Ali (ra). Ismailis claim that this uninterrupted lineage for the last 1400 years … Continue reading