The Aga Khans – A Picture Gallery

Since insideismailism.net together with it’s sister sites http://www.rethinkingismailism.com, http://www.mostmerciful.com and http://www.ismailitoislam.com intends to be a central repository of all things which bring out the not-so-well-kept secrets of Ismailism out to general public, it has been decided that a picture gallery be added to the website. The gallery will feature those pictures of Aga Khan and the so-called “Noorani Family” which are not usually seen framed inside Ismaili jamakhanas.

1. Kendra Spears – Daughter-in-law of Aga Khan IV:

In 2013, this fashion model did what all aging fashion models do – looked out for herself beyond her modeling career and ditched her ‘surfer boyfriend’ for Rahim Aga Khan, adopting the name Salwa Aga Khan.

She is now the mother of two sons from Rahim Aga Khan, but neither her marriage nor motherhood has managed to keep her away from her modeling duties.


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