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In 1991, Sadruddin Kabani was caught red-handed smuggling more than a million dollars in cash along the US-Canadian border. The money was destined for Aga Khan through Tajuddin Kurji of Aga Khan Foundation Canada and was collected from the Ismāʿīlī community in the name of dasond, mehmani, majlis memberships and various other religious contributions.

The matter was escalated by the Canadian border security to the United States police who then went on a trail of more than US$100 million being smuggled for Aga Khan from North America to his Swiss bank accounts in Lloyd’s Bank in Geneva through top-ranked Ismaili community members such as Tajuddin Kurji.

Taj Ismail was used as a courier by Tajuddin Kurji. Between 1980 and 1988, Taj Ismail deposited US $ 65 million for transferring to Switzerland. Nizam Allibhai, the brother-in-law of Kurji performed similar duties in the US as a courier and often hand-carried money to Europe. British customs also caught Allibhai and tipped off their US counterparts.

Allibhai was put under surveillance by the IRS and set up a sting operation with the help of an insider in the Ismāʿīlī community.

Nizam Allibhai and 12 other members of Ismāʿīlī community were arrested following the sting operation. All of them either pleaded guilty or were convicted of offenses ranging from simple currency violation to money laundering in the name of their God, the Aga Khan

All of the above , along with the secret footage of the sting operations and interviews of key Ismaili community members involved, explained in the investigative report called God’s Money which can be watched now on Facebook (click here), directly on YouTube (click here), or below:

7 thoughts on “God’s Money

  1. I agree that Aga Khan is doing outstanding social work. (Support this statement even now) Also, the people are very nice ( my Mom is an Aga Khani)
    However, I completely disagree that the current practices followed by Aga Khanis are close to Islam. I am a reverted Muslim and my religion is Islam (no divides for me)
    Some of my pointers that I believe are highly questionable I have mentioned below: (these are all that came to my mind)
    1) Aga khanis pay 12.5 percent dason, why not 2.5 as in Islam. 2) Aga Kahani do not dress modestly in place of worship 3) They ask everything from “noor moulana shah karim” y not directly to Allah the Almighty deserving All Praise. 4) You are required money to enter Majlisis , Y?? Cant a poor person be equally as religious as a rich person. 5) I have been hearing since 5 years that Namaz will be introduced … change from Dua to Namaz … but think about this Holy prophet (PBUH) ) introduced Namaz 1200 years back .6) Also I am pretty sure if marrying a Christain is allowed in Islam marrying a super model is definitely not appropriate for a religious leader. 7) Y in chanta — ” noor maulana shah karim bakhshay” No person is immortal … even the Prophets who lived for thousands of years… then y not ask from Allah directly . 8) Nandi, gura , mehmani … donations are superb for a good cause … but not at the cost of these names. 9) Last point that I can think of … y so many modifications to Islam …. Does this religion require so much modification? Is not the best religion on the face of this Earth… do ask yourself these questions!!!
    Once again youngsters please research and use your intelligence. In sha Allah you all will get hidayat from Allah! Moreover, do remember nothing will happen if you revert to Islam do not be scared of anything except Allah. Just have strong faith ! My dad has reverted to Islam MashaAllah at the age of 61 and I hope my entire family follows and has a better live in this world and an even better one in the life after death.


    • I was an Ismaili by birth. The questions you posed in your comments are the same questions I asked every day in the past few years. By the grace of almighty God and by conducting extensive research, I have been blessed to see through all what is happening in the Ismaili community and have been fortunate to recognize the teaching of Quran and Prophet Muhammad.

      The perceptions of the people outside the Ismaili community about the Ismaili community are that if someone is an Ismaili and if he/she is in trouble, that person will be helped both financially and through spiritual powers. I have heard people saying that hey man you are Ismaili, if you want to start a business you should not have any problem in receiving the funding from Aga Khan’s organization. Not sure, how people have formed these perceptions and opinions as I have found this to be false time and time again.
      Let’s talk about real life. This is a true story about me: I was born and raised in a below middle-class family in Karachi Pakistan. My dad as a single income earner could barely place the food on the table for family with 3 kids as he had a very limited income. Through borrowed money, my dad was able to support our education. As I grew up, it was becoming more and more difficult to support the ongoing education needs for myself and sisters. Also, with peer pressure and constant struggle I was having a difficult time surviving as a kid with bad grades and low self esteem. I started to tutor kids to earn some income so I could support grade 9/10 school, college and potentially/eventually education for university. I was in grade 9 that I started to gain some confidence and started to improve my grades. With no financial support from Aga Khan Institutions, I barely made through grade 9/10 and finished my college. One of my aunts in Canada told me to apply for a Computer Science program in one of the Canadian Universities. She pledged to support me through the program. I didn’t know that she was using money from her credit cards to support my education – I discovered that later. I was accepted by one of the Canadian universities as an International student. I started my first year education. As I finished a couple of semesters while working as a waiter, my aunt was running out of money. I was struggling to survive. As an Ismaili, as a last resort I decided to go to Aga Khan Institutions to get support. I requested the assigned representatives to give me financial loan which I pledged to return them after I graduate and have a job. Not only I was not provided with any financial loan but they recommended me to work illegally, insulted me, told me that I have no future in Canada and I should go back to Pakistan. I was in tears as it hit me emotionally very hard that for all the collected money for dasond, child registration, majlis…that any of the Aga Khan institutions could not provide me a loan. I tried to talk to a few people in jamat khana but no luck. Then one of my aunts in US borrowed more money from credit card – I discovered that later. It was also my commitments to both aunts that I will return the money as soon as I get a job. In addition to taking 4 courses a semester, working as a waiter and also performing a job as IT personnel at the University, I survived until I was accepted in an Internship program and got an Internship job. It was then I started to pay the borrowed money back to my aunts. I continued to be part of the Ismaili community with the thinking that my case is probably an odd one. After graduation, I got a job at a reputable software company. I got married. As my wife and I were expecting our first child, one of the close relatives had a family emergency. With the burden on me for supporting my sister’s weddings, helping parents with some of their expenses and taking care of my family. I was just making my ends meet with a couple of pending loans. This close relative needed ~$40k to recevie the treatment. It was a life and death situation. The parents of the relative in need of support went to the Aga Khan institutions and requested support. Not only they were not provided any support but were insulted. A few of the family members by spreading the word about the situation and requesting support from so many friends and family members, the family in need was able to gather $40k and the treatment was provided to the patient.

      As time passed, God’s willing, prayers and hard work I continued to progress in my company with several promotions, recognitions in a very short period of time, made it to the management level with top-performing employee 3 years in row and had an opportunity to travel to various places in the world. I continued to do more research on Ismailism and how Aga Khan develops these organizations and facilities. For all the money he collects, he has to show that he is doing something with it and if somebody collects so much money, that person has so many opportunities the way they can utilize it towards their benefit. If people observe closely any of his institutions, let’s take an example of Aga Khan University or Aga Khan Schools in Karachi. These institutions are amongst the most expensive for patients and students. A poor person can’t imagine getting a treatment from either Aga Khan Hospital or education from Aga khan school. In my humble opinion, one of the key goals of these ‘non-profit’ institutions is supposed to provide access to the facilities to the poor people. For sure, some people will argue that the Aga Khan Hospital has a welfare dept but I have personally experienced the ineffectiveness of that dept when my dad got really sick in past. Some people will argue that it provides education to nurses and doctors. That is definitely a good thing but there are also other institutions that provide loans to people. In a poor country like Pakistan with one Aga Khan Hospital, unaffordable health care services, poor people pretty much rely on other low/no-cost hospitals; rich people get first shot at access to these services. Looking at the whole model clearly demonstrates that the intent of it is to not serve the poor people but to show that there is a hospital and Aga Khan is remembered. There is lot of show-off on how these hospitals are built with its expensive design and architecture yet poor people pretty much have no chance to access low-cost/no-cost.

      As I continued to gather more information, I found that so many of my relatives and friends are in some serious debt. They are paying dasond and other monies (majis registration and so on) and yet they are not able to make their ends meet. The whole purpose of experiencing spirituality in Ismailism is defeated as they are under constant stress. Some of these people continue to quarrel with other as they are never at peace and have pretty much ruined their lives or close – The whole credit card system in Canada with 19 to 24% interest help them survive as they are constantly paying interest on the borrowed amounts. On the other hand, if anybody closely observes Aga Khan’s life, Aga Khan is more than financially stable. Aga Khan has formed the organizations and institutions. Some of the religious organizations (religious centers) are dedicated to training the children with concepts that eventually lead to paying monies in Jamat Khanas and it becomes a vicious cycle for many of them. These people continue to lose emotional strength and continue and hope that Aga Khan’s blessing will help them one day but that help remains as a surprise forever yet Aga Khan continues to lives a lavish life. The recent divorce of Aga Khan and how begum Inara had detectives after him to discover that he was caught in an adulatory case is seen by Ismailies as false accusations. The court with the proof supported begum Inara and asked Aga Khan to pay a hefty amount. The divorce case lasted for 10 years as it was obvious that Aga Khan’s image would have been negatively impacted if truth would be known to the world. The yatchs, the horses, the hanging-out with models, womanizing is all seen as false accusations? Ismailies think that these divorces happened because he works 18 to 20 hour days and all the court rulings are false. Aga Khan’s children are on the same path. Finding models, divorces and what not.. I guess media just makes up false stories all the time? In any case, with due respect I could believe that some information could be false as portrayed by media but there is a truth to some and others especially in a British court where there is less to no room for corruption.
      One simple question is since the time of Prophet Muhammed, how the concept of zakat changed from 2.5% on the savings and assets at the end of the year to 12.5% on income no matter how much the religion needs to be modernized? How can any sect of Islam not have Quran as its fundamental teaching? Quran is not taught in Ismaili religious centers at all. The jamat khanas are mostly places for socialization and money collection. Can any Ismaili refuse this? Guys, do you really feel spirituality in jamat khanas? I challenge you to try listening to a couple of khutbas before juma prayers in the masjid. See how you feel. The power of simplicity, spirituality and closeness with God will enlighten your hearts.

      In the above text, I have explained my personal experiences. Few years ago, the information was not accessible to people but with this Internet age; the information will be more available than ever.
      I will close this note by stating that I have been blessed in all these years to be able to get out my tunnel vision. At the time of writing this, I am blessed to be working with one of the 100 fortune companies in the world with an excellent job. With all my knowledge and past experiences, there is even more motivation for me to continue to find ways to help people in need. I have some key initiatives going on in this regard and I hope God helps me in my endeavors.

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  3. Zina khan, the fake name advocate of Agha khan, should read this. On Dec 12, 2015 7:19 PM, “Inside Ismailism” wrote:

    > Akbar Khoja posted: “In 1991, Sadruddin Kabani was caught red-handed > smuggling more than a million dollars in cash along the US-Canadian border. > The money was destined for Aga Khan through Tajuddin Kurji of Aga Khan > Foundation Canada and was collected from the Ismāʿīlī commun” >


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