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Ismāʿīlī Fakelore: The Mystical Meeraj – Whose Hand Was It Anyway?

The Ismāʿīlī Fakelore section on the Inside Ismāʿīlīsm Blog contains those stories which are spread from generation-to-generation through word-of-mouth in the Ismaili community. None of these stories have been proved through history or through witnesses. The so-called ‘englighened Ismāʿīlīs’ proudly pass on these fakelore down to the next generations. Here is the first of these Ismāʿīlī Fakelore: … Continue reading

Ruling by Dar Ul Uloom Deoband About Creating Awareness on Ismailism

Darul Uloom Deoband has recently issued a ruling on spreading awareness about Ismailis and Ismailism. The ruling is produced here in it’s original form in Urdu, with English translation and transliteration below: Original text of the ruling can be accessed by clicking here (Link opens in a new browser Tab/Window). میں پہلے آغاخانی تہا۔ اب الحمدُاللہ … Continue reading

Ismaili Imamat’s Guidance on Consuming “Oceans of Alcohol”

While only one aspect of Ismāʿīlī Imamat’s Guidance Against Drinking Alcohol is played repeatedly in front of the Ismāʿīlī community when Hazar Imām’s and his family’s pictures surface where they are consuming alcohol. In the age of internet, it is no secret that not only does Hazar Imām run a chain of Serena Hotels where … Continue reading

Facing the Wrath of the Ismailis

Akberally Meherally leans forward in his chair, takes a sip of tea, and then relaxes as he tries to craft a perfect sentence in his head. The 61-year-old Burnaby writer is choosing his words carefully – last mmonth he received a death threat after writing a book which questions the authority of Karim Aga Khan … Continue reading

Murder Threat Facing Aga Khan Critic

Akberally Meherally is causing a furore among Ismailis. The 61-year-old Burnaby writer says he has received death threats since he published a book critical of Ismailis’ spiritual leader, the Aga Khan. Meherally – who paid to have 5,000 copies of the book “Understanding Ismailism” (click to download) published – takes issue with Ismailis “worshipping the Aga … Continue reading

Why are Ismailis not Shia?

Nizari Ismailis claim that they are the ‘second-largest’ branch of Shia Islam. This claim however, is widely and almost unanimously rejected in the Shia circles and by all of the Shia scholars. Shia Islam consists mainly of the following: Twelvers (Athnā‘ashariyyah or Ithnā‘ashariyyah)l, also known as Jafaris Seveners (Shish Imimeyyah), also known as Ismailis Dawoodi … Continue reading

The Secret Life of the Aga Khan

When the flamboyant Aga Khan, regarded as a ‘living god’ by his 15 million Islamic followers, collided with a snowboarder on the slopes of Courchevel last year, and was flown to hospital in Boston with serious injuries, the incredibly delicate issue of his succession was raised for the first time. As a result, the accident … Continue reading

The Deception of Waseela in Ismāʿīlīsm

The mention of the word waseela in the Quran has been a major excuse for Nizārī-Ismāʿīlīs calling upon, and seeking help of their Hazar Imam instead of the Almight Allah (swt). This is a concept drilled into their minds by the Ismāʿīlī missionaries. Ismāʿīlīs themselves have never laid their hands upon a copy of the the Qur’an. A … Continue reading