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Updated: November 10, 2019

25 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. It is very interesting site disclsoing the fraude and forgery of aga khans and ismailisam. in fact when we question about Islam and other main religions then why we cant ask question about aga khan and hois relatves, that whta is the religion of aga khan and his relatives-?SOME VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!


    What spiritual quality does this man aga khan or his family possess? His nephew Andrew son of his sister Yasmin is a POENE FILM STAR!

    ARE THEY ALL ATHEISTS..-? – How could an atheist become a spiritual being? And how could an atheist become an Imam? What spiritual quality does this man aga khan or his family possess? His nephew Andrew son of his sister Yasmin is a POENE FILM STAR!

    Agakhan family members are atheist!
    Have you seen them attending Jamat Khana, Masjid, even on Friday, namaz which is obligatory for every Muslim,
    temple or church, Have you ever seen him attending dua while in didar hall, while giving his dirty didar to ismailis Why he does not stay in didar hall, when ismilis recites their shirk DUA-?, Or going to any mosque, church, mandir, or even synagogue, or any of his sons, daughter, wives, etc, never, and never. Is he and his relatives,/family are the members of any fake majlises, i.e. chand rat,5/12 sale, navemi rat,moti rat,(Big night-Long night.-(by the way what is this moti rat fraud-?), life, mubrak,majlis,moti majlis,fidai (assassins) noorani,andheri,kanjeris, panje bahen,Qurbani majlise or any majslise,mola no rozo, which he has falsely fabricated to loot the money of ignorant fool ismailis,and for which, why he and his family is exempted.! CAN ANY ISMAILI REPLY -? WHERE AND IN WHICH JAMAT KAHANA THEY ALL PAY DASOOND. DO THEY PAY, -? IF NOT THEN WHY ISMAILIS FOOLS ARE ASKED TO PAY THIS TAX?

    1.-Where his sons/daughters, and son of his daughters, Zahra, were baptize, newly born babies, in the name of imam (aga khan), with the payment of money-? In Islam there is no baptism.

    2.-Did he pray and performed the rites and rituals for forgiveness of sins of dead persons of his relatives, giving all their,cloths,gold,jewelary etc, be auctioned in jamat khanas, after the dead bodies of his grand father-g -mother-Mata salamet,his uncle sadrudin and his own father Ali khan.-? If their dead bodies were sparked with holy water, on their faces by his nominated mukhi/monkey and Kamdia/donkey, to forgive the sins of all his died relatives? From where this holy water came, how it become “holy” water in the hands of polluted profaned, polytheist, polygamist his agents, if not, then Why he asks ismailis fools to carry out such blasphamic, un Islamic activities, from which he AND HIS RELATIVES ARE EXEMPTED.?, AND WHO GAVE HIM AND HIS AGENTS SUCH POWERS., TO FORGIVE THE SINS OF ISMAILIS ON PAYMENT OF MONEY.-? How, his nominated agents can forgives the sins of dead man/women, charging, hundred, thousand, and some time millions, in cash then sparking so called holy water on the face of dead body saying”Kana Wadan mola,” forgives his all sins, he (dead man/woman) is going to enter in his original shape noor of hazer imam who may give his noorani didar to dead man, and may give iman didar, i.e. faith and, show his face. IS IT ISLAM AND AN ISLAMIC RITUALS-?

    The AK also forgives Ismailis. To whom, he himself, his sons, daughter, wives, mistresses, his dead G.gather,G.mother father, uncle and all other relatives asked for forgiveness.-? CAN ANY ISMAILI REPLY THIS QUESTION.-?
    That sounds like the belief in Christianity in which Jesus (pbuh) already forgave them by being crucified.

    Are his children and wives then Ismaili or are they Shia/Sunni Muslim? If they read the Ismaili dua 3 times a day they would be praying to/through him. If they are Shia, then is he their Imam (except that would make them Ismaili). If they’re Sunni they would not believe he is an imam in that sense. What they are -? Are they atheists, JEWS OR CRISTIANS»»!! Can any body reply -? Is he Sunni or Ithnashari Shia or Ismaili and hence should be praying to himself and saying the dua he edited/wrote?)

    Also, title Muslim can not be used by the LGBT Lesbians, gay,(SON OF YASMIN,SISTER OF AGA KHAN IS , A PORNE FILM STAR) bisexual, and transgender homosexuals and heter sexual, the supporters of, Jews, and anti Muslims.

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  2. you guys are just jealous of Ismailis because they are not radical like yourselves. they actually have class and don’t wear fucked up headdresses and hats because they’re modern. I already reported this blog to CSIS.

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    • No, we are not jealous of you Ismailis, but we are feeling sorry for you that you are chained like slaves by the world’s biggest scammer, conman, fraudster fake Imam Agakhan an atheist- has rejected Islam and Quran. He has kept you away from Allah and Islam and has ordered you to worship him as god and fill his Bank with millions by selling the cultic rituals. Yet he has lied, cheated and deceived his innocent followers by using the fake ID of Islam for his created cult of Hindu-Ismailism and fake ID of Shia Muslim. Why one would keep its religion a secret? He is playing a dirty trick of eliminating Islam secretly as he hates Islam and his Iranian ancestor’s Shia sect and became an apostate. /Salaam/peace//An ex-Ismaili converted to Islam -Allah’s din and left Dajjaal-satan’s cult.


  3. I never see the jahil banda like u, acha hai dore Arab mai tm nae thy tm to hazart Muhammad PBUH KI nabuwat sy b inkar kardety. Ismailion sy nafrat hai ya pit unki fikar. Pakistan bane wala, ismaiki , pak muslin league k founder member ismaili pak o hind mai musalmanoo ko tafooz faram karne wqle ismaili, education ko high class karne wale ismaili. Yahudiun k mulk mai islamic center bane wale ismaili, pak mai sb sybare hospital ismaili, or kitna bayoo mai yaar . mujy samaj nae ata k agar kis ne kha k tmhi sahi masalman hoo. Or har musalmaan hi jannat mai jay ga. Quran pak mai lika hai k jo saks acha amal kare gaa jannay mat jay ga. Lakin tm jesy jahiloon ki wajaa sy puri muslim aumma badnaam hai. Net ko search karo to pata chalega k ismaili kon hai. Fack video ya comment dalney sy nae. Phele jo or prove karo k tm pake musalman hoo. Quran par ne wala or kalma pak parney wala har banda musalman nae hota. Yhe to yahudi pir par sakty hai or pakistani toota b.
    Jahiloo k kami nae is jaha mai galib
    Ek dondoo hazar milty hai….. Mr admin…
    I m sure j tm ne dunya mai to kuch mae kya hoga kam az kam apni akhraat hi sudar looo. Warna pata chala k qayamat k din KHUDA k b against hogay tm???


  4. There were articles about Rashad Khalifa and Code 19 on your site. I am unable to find them. Do you know where can i find these articles. Thanks


  5. I am actually liking the questions you have raised. One question of mine is that lets say if I quit ismailism here and opt to enter your religion, which secte will take me to jannah? And how would you justify your faith?


    • Sectarianism in Islam is *NOT* permitted. Allah (swt) explicitly commands us in the Quran in 3:103 NOT to create sects. Whosoever calls to sectarianism is going against the commandment of the Quran. Ismailism is sectarianism and so are all the sects. Our call is to go back to the Quran and Hadith. No sects. Just Islam.


  6. It is the duty of every Muslim to follow the word Allah, spread Amr bil maruf and educate the Muslims about these Ismailis who are a poison within…


  7. Akbarbhai
    Is there any published material on The Gujarati Dua – when it was composed and by whom and why was it made obsolete if it was a prayer in truth ? Was it The Canonical Prayer of the Ismailis prior to 1866 ?
    In any community, the primary role of an Imam is to lead the congregation in prayer.
    It is well established that Aga Khan I settled in Bombay in 1846.
    Between 1846 – 1866, did he ever lead The Khojas in prayer in Jamatkhana ?
    Mowlana Sultan Mahomed Shah used to pray “in the balconies” [ not in the privacy of his suite ] at The Ritz in London and Hotel de Russie in Geneva in the 1930’s – but not in his own Jamatkhanas in Bombay. Interesting 🙂
    Has any Ismaili in living history ever witnessed any of the Aga Khans attend Jamatkhana at the time of Dua ?
    Interesting Farman that the Dua “is compulsory for all Ismailis” – are the Aga Khans exempt from the Farman or are they exempt from being practising Ismailis ? Is this not a dichotomy in the practice of the faith ?

    In 170 years of association with their Indian Jamats, the Ismaili Imams, reputed to be Seyyeds, have failed to convey The Simple Message that Salah is The Primary Embodiment of The Shahadah, Divinely Ordained in Islam and The Legacy of The Holy Prophet.

    It is sad that Ismailis do not reflect upon Tawhid or Sura Al-Fatiha or Sura Al-Ikhlas.

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  8. I was an Ismaili and I had questions regarding my religion; when I asked at (REC) they said ” you are questioning the imam ” I never got any answers regarding salat, hajj, or fasting and so much more. The contents on this site have made me realize, even tho i cannot make public my conversion because of my family i have turned to Allah and stopped believing in the fake imam and started making excuses for not going to jamat khane because at this stage i cannot do more. The beloved prophet (pbuh) said in the last revelation ” This day I have perfected your religion for you ..).
    May allah guide more like me and give you strength to carry out this for as long as possible. Ameen.


    • Dear sister, welcome to Islam and welcome to the community of 1.5 billion Muslims. Please message me privately on Facebook and I can get you in touch with your local ex-Ismaili revert group members. There are ex-Ismailis in more cities of the world than Ismailis since Ismailis are restricted to be present where they can have a Jamatkhana. However, when Ismailis leave Ismailism and come to Islam, the entire Earth is their home. I’ll definitely get you in touch with members from the ex-Ismaili jamaat in your city insha Allah. May Allah bless you and protect you.


  9. Assalamu’alaikum brother Akbar Khoja

    I admire this noble work that you are carrying out. You are doing a great job. Are you the same brother who wrote the book “Inside Ismailism?” I have read most of that book. It should be a very beneficial book to give to Ismailis but like I said in a previous post unfortunately most Ismailis are so blinded by their “emotional attachment” to their so called imam that they have decided to close their eyes and shut off their brains to anything reasonable.

    I just wish there were more people, both Muslims and non-Muslims carrying out this noble cause of exposing a cult like this. This should be a humanitarian issue, a universal issue. There is this one man and his family and they are looting, exploiting and corrupting the minds of millions of people. This man should be taken to international court of justice or something like that for literally raping people out of their intelligence.

    I feel very sorry for these followers. They spent half of their time and wealth serving this man and his family and in return they get nothing but “hellfire”.

    I have some questions to Ismailis to think about that I would like to share but in another comment or maybe in a post in sha Allah.


  10. Dear Mr Khoja

    I interacted with you a couple of years ago. Although we both have the same goal, our methods differ.
    I am in the middle of researching Agakhanism and hoping to publish a book.
    I wonder if you can help me with the origins of secret majalises such as life, noorani etc.
    I congratulate you on dedicating your life to waking up a few people.



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