Hazar Imam’s “Noor” Demystified

Ismalism is based on the belief that Aga Khan possesses ‘noor’ of Allah (light of God) which is sole reason that Ismailis worship him in their Jamatkhanas (or Ismaili Centers) and believe he is all-powerful and possesses attributes that Allah alone is entitled to possess. Lets look this concept of noor on basis of Qur’an and hadith.

The word ‘noor’ in Arabic literally means ‘light’. Allah is not noor; rather, noor is a creation of Allah. The Qur’an states that Allah is an ineffable reality and human language cannot produce an adequate parable; therefore, there is no example of what Allah is like. We also know that angels are made of light and man is made out of clay (see Qur’an 6:2 and 15:26]. Angels do not possess the nature of human beings and do not have the free will to choose between obedience and disobedience. The Qur’an says in 66:6 about the angels:

“…they do not disobey Allah’s commands that they receive; they do precisely what they are commanded”

Hence, the Creator (Allah) and the creation (light) cannot be one and the same. If Allah is not noor, what then is the guiding light that is frequently mentioned in the Quran? Here are the instances when light or noor is mentioned in the Qur’an:

Praise be to Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth, and made the darkness and the light. Yet those who reject Faith hold (others) as equal, with their Guardian-Lord.
[Holy Qur’an 06:01]

“Surely We revealed the Taurat in which was guidance and light.”
[Holy Qur’an 05:44]

“and We gave him (Isa) the Injeel in which was guidance and light.”
[Holy Qur’an 05:46]

Allah is the guardian of those who believe. He brings them out of the darkness into the light; and (as to) those who disbelieve, their guardians are Taghoots who take them out of the light into the darkness; they are the inmates of the fire, in it they shall abide.
[Holy Qur’an 2:257]

“And thus did We reveal to you an inspired book (Quran) by Our command. You did not know what the Book was, nor (what) the faith (was), but We made it a light, guiding thereby whom We please of Our servants; and most surely you show the way to the right path.
[Holy Qur’an 42:52]

When the word ‘noor’ is read in-context above, it is evident that it is a word used by the Qur’an to either denote guidance, true knowledge or Emaan (as opposed to the darkness of Kufr).

The explanation of noor is given by the Qur’an in Surah an-Noor, Chapter 24:35:

Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp, the lamp is within glass, the glass as if it were a pearly [white] star lit from [the oil of] a blessed olive tree, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would almost glow even if untouched by fire. Light upon light. Allah guides to His light whom He wills. And Allah presents examples for the people, and Allah is Knowing of all things.

Noor has also been used as a parable to describe the omnipresence of Allah and the fact that He is the source of all guidance, the parable is light (guidance), without an outside source. Therefore, this means that Allah is the ultimate source of all guidance. This does not mean that He is physically made of light, because as we see above, He has actually created light. Notice in that 24:35, Allah Himself goes on to say: “The example/parable/likeness/similitude of His Light”. The verse itself explains that Allah is defining His presence using human language, and also making the concept understandable to us.

Ismailis who blindly follow their Aga Khan’s propagated beliefs tend to rely more on the sayings and sermons (waez) of their missionaries, rather than reading the Quran for themselves. This is why they have taken 24:35 literally, claiming that Allah Himself or some of His creations among humans such as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or Ali (ra) or other pious people are made of noor.

Ismailies extended the concept of Ali (ra) being noor to their Imams, who are supposed to be divine as well. In their enthusiasm for the person of Ali (ra), they have elevated him and his descendants to a position above that of Muhammad (pbuh). Ismailis gave Ali (ra) and their Imams a near-divine status. The origins of this concept lie in ancient Persian paganism as explained here:

“The Shias, however, gradually evolved ideas that seemed even closer to Christian incarnation (regarding the divinity of Ali and the Imams). They (Shias) were drawing on ancient Persian tradition of a chosen god-begotten family which transmitted the divine glory from one generation to another.”
[Karen Armstrong, ‘A History of God’, page 189]

To make the discussion even more interesting and to add to your knowledge, let me also copy the Nicene Creed, the official creed of Christians as decreed by Emperor Constantine in 325 AD, so you can see the similarities between the Christian Trinity and what is now alleged about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) being noor:

We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of all things visible and invisible.

And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, begotten of the Father [the only-begotten; that is, of the essence of the Father, God of God,] Light of Light, very God of very God, begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father;

By whom all things were made [both in heaven and on earth];
Who for us men, and for our salvation, came down and was incarnate and was made man;

He suffered, and the third day he rose again, ascended into heaven;

From thence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead.

And in the Holy Ghost.

The continuum of Ismailism is the transfer of baatini (esoteric or hidden) knowledge from one Imam to the other Imam starting with Ali (ra), and is dependent on this single hadith (which is not authentic):

It is related that Jabir ibn Abdullah said to the Prophet: “O Messenger of Allah, may my father and mother be sacrificed for you, tell me of the first thing Allah created before all things.”
He said: “O Jabir, the first thing Allah created was the light of your Prophet from His light, and that light remained (lit. “turned”) in the midst of His Power for as long as He wished and there was not, at that time, a Tablet or a Pen or a Paradise or a Fire or an Angel or a Heaven or an Earth. And when Allah wished to create creation, he divided that Light into four parts and from the first made the Pen, from the second the Tablet, from the third the Throne, [and from the fourth everything else].”

It is illogical for educated and intellectual men to believe that an entire religion can be constructed based on one hadith and entire Qur’an revealed by Allah to his Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and thousands other ahadith which are clear explanation of Qur’an, can be ignored and left aside.

Ismailis says that Ali (ra) possessed this noor and became the Imam and Aga Khan is the current possessor of that noor. The question is, that where does this hadith speak about transfer of noor? Ismailies say that the noor was transferred from generation-to-generation, but Ali (ra) was the cousin of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). How come Ali (ra) can have that noor? Is there any mention of worshipping that noor and giving him the full authority to define religious beliefs and practices? If this noor was the basis of Islam, then why didn’t Allah reveal such a statement in the Qur’an and why didn’t the Prophet (pbuh) mention such a fact in any of his ahadith? Allah had clearly revealed everything which was to be revealed and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) declared this in his last sermon.

To conclude, Allah is a reality that cannot be described and we should refrain from attaching physical attributes to Him. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a man, who was special because he was chosen by Allah to perfect the message of Islam. The Ismaili belief based on noor cannot be substantiated from neither the Qur’an, nor any hadith.

Investigative Report on Nizari Ismaili Beliefs by Takbeer Magazine (Urdu)

What is Aga Khani Ismaili Madhab | Takbeer, 25 February 1988 | Karachi, Pakistan

آغا خانی مذہب کیا ہے؟ تکبیر، 25 فروری 1988، کراچی پاکستان

Aga Khani Mazhab Kya Hai | Takbeer, 25 February 1988 | Karachi, Pakistan

On February 25, 1988 weekly Takbeer published a groundbreaking special investigative report on Nizari Ismailis (worshipers of Aga Khan). The publication did not only include excerpts from the Nizari Ismaili course material taught in Ismaili Religious Centers, but also included responses from the representatives of Aga Khan Foundation including Ashiq Ali, Ramzan Merchant and others.

Even though the representatives from Aga Khan Foundation assured Takbeer that they are not separate from the rest of the Muslim ummah, they failed to justify the Ismaili religious beliefs which were found in their texts such as Ismaili Shikshanamala, Kalam-e-Imam-e-Mubeen and Ginans (religious hymns) such as Barham Prakash, etc.

Some of the astonishing texts from the Takbeer report are reproduced below along with their translations:

Translation: “In this world, the manifestation of the Lord of the Worlds is present and that is the Emperor of All Souls meaning Hazar Imam” – Ginan Barham Prakash
Translation: “In this world, the manifestation of the Lord of the Worlds is present and that is the Emperor of All Souls meaning Hazar Imam” – Ginan Barham Prakash
Ismaili Shikshanamala, Lesson 4, Page 11 states that: “Hazar Imam is Pir Shah. Pir Shah means Prophet (pir) and Shah (Ali). Our first pir is Hazrat Muhammad sallahu alaihi wa sallam. Our first Imam is Hazrat Ali karam ala wajhu, who in line with the Ismaili belief appointed Hazrat Muhammad sallahu alaihi wa sallam as Messenger. Our 50th Pir is Hazrat Mowlana Shah Karim al-Husayni and our 49th Imam is Hazrat Mowlana Shah Karim al-Husayni (Aga Khan).
Ismaili Shikshanamala, Lesson 4, Page 11 states that: “Hazar Imam is Pir Shah. Pir Shah means Prophet (pir) and Shah (Ali). Our first pir is Hazrat Muhammad sallahu alaihi wa sallam. Our first Imam is Hazrat Ali karam ala wajhu, who in line with the Ismaili belief appointed Hazrat Muhammad sallahu alaihi wa sallam as Messenger. Our 50th Pir is Hazrat Mowlana Shah Karim al-Husayni and our 49th Imam is Hazrat Mowlana Shah Karim al-Husayni (Aga Khan).
Aga Khani Shia Imami (Ismailiyah) are Infidels because they reject Quran and the five basic pillars of Islam, i.e., the testimony of faith, salah, fasting, zakat and hajj. Therefore all Muslims should boycott them socially. (Unified Ruling of Ulema of the Islamic World)
Aga Khani Shia Imami (Ismailiyah) are Infidels because they reject Quran and the five basic pillars of Islam, i.e., the testimony of faith, salah, fasting, zakat and hajj. Therefore all Muslims should boycott them socially. (Unified Ruling of Ulema of the Islamic World). See complete ruling with signatures and endorsements on Page 171 of Takbeer Magazine Investigative Report.
Appeal against the Prohibition of Adhan and Muslim Prayer in Ismaili Jamatkhanas. Text of the Sindh High Court case proceedings.  (a) Monthly earnings of Ismaili Jamatkhanas is Rs 20,000,000; (b)  Ismailis have not constructed even a single Mosque in Pakistan; (c)  Jamatkhanas are not constructed with the personal wealth of Hazar Imam
Appeal against the Prohibition of Adhan and Muslim Prayer in Ismaili Jamatkhanas. Text of the Sindh High Court case proceedings. – Monthly earnings of Ismaili Jamatkhanas is Rs 20,000,000 – Ismailis have not constructed even a single Mosque in Pakistan – Jamatkhanas are not constructed with the personal wealth of Hazar Imam
Aga Khanis accept he Muslim prayer as a valid form of worship, but do not allow it to be offered inside their Jamatkhanas
Aga Khanis accept he Muslim prayer as a valid form of worship, but do not allow it to be offered inside their Jamatkhanas

Download the complete Takbeer report (PDF) from any of the links below:

Link 1 (Local)

Link 2 (Archive.org)

Hazar Imam’s “Esoteric” Quran or Allah’s “Clear” Quran?

The Holy Quran

Aga Khan claims to his followers that he brings an esoteric (baatini or hidden) meaning of the Quran which has not been understood by the Muslim ummah. Ismailis are also made to believe that the Qur’an was time-bound and was not meant to be a universal message for all times and that their spiritual leader, Prince Karim Aga Khan, is the “walking and talking Qur’an” and his religious pronouncements, whatever they may be, are the guidance and esoteric interpretations of the Qur’an for the present times. The fundamental article of faith that there will not be any new revelations (wahy) after the Qur’an, is completely violated by the Ismailis.

I would like to say to my Ismaili brothers and sisters: Did Aga Khan and his missionaries explain their meanings and philosophies from the Holy Qur’an to you? They use every book other than the Qur’an. They dramatize stories of their ancestors and relate ridiculous miracles of their Holy Pirs and Imams, without any reference to the Book of Allah. They never ever speak from the Glorious Qur’an, except a couple of aayahs here and a few words there. They discourage you to read and recite the Qur’an , and regularly warn you not to try and understand the meanings of the Glorious Qur’an. They warn that if you try to understand the meanings, you will be misguided. They warn you that every aayah has 1000 meanings each. They just tell you to obey them and you will be taken care of in the hereafter.

If Aga Khan interprets the Qur’an and provides his followers the interpretation, then instead of thousands of arguments, show us just one aayah of the Qur’an interpreted by the Aga Khan?

Anyone who has had close contact with Aga Khan or any of these missionaries will know that these missionaries are hypocrites, and all they are ever interested in is more power and more wealth. They have sold the words of Allah for a miserable price, and have been successful in misguiding and taking a multitude of people away from the clear guidance and open teachings, which Allah has revealed, in His mercy for our guidance.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 2 Surah Al-Baqarah verse 174:

Indeed those, who conceal the commands that Allah has sent down in His Book and barter them away for paltry worldly gains, fill their bellies with fire. Allah will not speak to them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He regard them as pure and there is a painful torment for them.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 2 Surah Baqarah verse 159:

Those who conceal the clear (Revelations) and Guidance We have sent down, after We have made it clear for the people in the Book, on them shall be Allah’s ‘laanah’ and the ‘laanah’ of those who are entitled to curse.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 9 Surah Taubah verses 34-35:

O you who believe, there are indeed many among the priests and the holy men who devour the wealth of others by evil means, and debar the people from the Way of Allah. Give them the good news of a painful torment, who hoard up gold and silver and do not expend these in the Way of Allah. The Day shall surely come when the same gold and silver shall be heated in the fire of Hell, and with it will be branded their foreheads, their bodies and their backs. (And it will be said): “Here is that treasure you had hoarded up for yourselves. Taste now the evil of your hoarded treasure.”

Just have a look at these clear aayahs of the Holy Qur’an and judge for yourself, who has a bigger right that he should be believed? Allah or these self-proclaimed unscrupulous holy men?

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 44 Surah Dukhan verse 58:

We have made this Book easy in your own tongue so that they may ponder and take good counsel.

Allah Himself declares that the Book is easy, so that you may ponder and take good counsel over its verses. Did not these corrupt men say to the Ismaili community that the Qur’an is difficult and impossible to understand?

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 43 Surah Zukhruf verses 1-3:

Haa Meem. By this lucid (clear or open) Book. We have made it an Arabic Qur’an, so that you may understand it.

Allah Himself declares this Book is ‘mubeen’ (clear or open), and Allah, in His Mercy, made it ‘mubeen’ so that we could understand it. So who are these people who claim that the Book has several hidden meanings and is impossible to understand?

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 6 Surah Anam verse 70:

And leave alone those who have taken their ‘deen’ as a sport and past time, and have been deluded by the life of this world. Nevertheless, you go on admonishing them by reciting the Qur’an to them, lest any person should be seized because of his own deeds; and that too, at a time, when there would be no protector, no helper and no intercessor to rescue him from Allah; when no conceivable amount of ransom would be accepted from him. This is because such people shall be seized, in consequence of what they themselves had earned.

Allah Himself declares to admonish these people from the Qur’an, lest one should be seized by Allah because of his own deeds, and that too at a time when no protector, no helper and no ‘shafaa’ will be able to rescue him from Allah’s anger, wrath and punishment? Then who are these people who have falsely promised the entry into Paradise for each and every one of their followers?

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 12 Surah Yusuf verse 1-2:

These are the verses of the Book that makes its object perfectly clear. We have sent it down as a Qur’an in Arabic, so that you may understand it well.

Allah Himself declares that the aayahs of the Holy Qur’an makes its objective or mission perfectly clear and He, in His Mercy, has sent us the Qur’an so that we may understand it well. Then who are these people who have the audacity to go against these declarations of Allah and say that the Qur’an is confusing, and has several meanings, and we will never be able to understand it?

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 16 Surah Nahl verse 89:

We have sent down to you this Book, which makes everything plain, and is a guidance, blessing and good news to those who have surrendered themselves entirely.

Allah says that the Book makes everything plain, and is a guidance, blessing and good news for the believers. So who are these people who are engrossed day and night in proving that the Qur’an is complicated and impossible to understand?

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 19 Surah Maryam verse 97:

O Muhammad, We have made this Qur’an easy, and sent it down in your tongue so that you should give good news to the pious and warn the stubborn people.

Allah declares that He, in His Mercy, has made the Qur’an easy so that it may act as a source of good news to the God-fearing people, and it may be used to warn the stubborn people, who blindly believe in others as their helpers and protectors besides Allah without an iota of authority from the Lord of the worlds.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 18 Surah Kahf verse 1-3:

All praise is for Allah Alone, Who has sent down this Book to His Servant, and assigned nothing crooked to it. This Book says everything directly, so that he may warn the people of the severe chastisement of Allah and give good news to the believers, who do righteous deeds, that they will have an excellent reward.

Not understanding and not following the clear and open guidance and teachings of the Holy Qur’an is nothing but rejecting it. Following anyone like Aga Khan blindly, without any authority from the Qur’an, is rejecting it. Believing someone’s promises over and in contradiction of the clear promises of Allah in the Qur’an is rejecting it. Take the word of man supreme over the words and decisions of Allah, is nothing but rejecting it. Brothers, come back to the Qur’an that clearly expounds the Truth from Allah, and be not of those disobedient to Allah and His Words and Commands.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 43 Surah Zukhruf verses 43-44:

So, hold fast to the Book that has been revealed to you, you are surely on the Siraat al Mustaqeem. The fact is that this book is a great honor for you and your people, and soon you shall be called to account for it.

Here is the decision of Allah from the Glorious Qur’an. Hold fast to the Book of Allah and you are on the Siraat al Mustaqeem. Hold on to the Aga Khan self-proclaimed leader, and await your call in the court of Allah. Furthermore, Allah Himself declares, that this Book is a great honor for the believers, and soon, we shall all be called to account for it, in the court of Allah.

Just imagine the plight in the court of Allah, when some will come with Aga Khan as their leaders, and some people will come holding the Qur’an. Who do you think has followed Allah’s commands?

My beloved Ismaili brothers and sisters, our duty is only to invite you to read and understand the Holy Qur’an and hold fast to the words of wisdom of Allah. This way you will never ever be misguided. Hold on to all the ‘damans’ of all the leaders, and prepare for an inevitable Day. You be our witness that we called you to the Qur’an and its understanding and implementation, and Allah is enough as our witness. We all have an appointment with the Angel of Death, and once we are in that dimension, all the realities will be open and clear in front of our eyes. Those who held on to the clear guidance and teachings of the Holy Qur’an will find that every promise made by Allah will come true. And those who held on to the false interpretation and guidance of their self-appointed leaders and Imams,will find that none of their promises had any weight in the first place.

My beloved Ismaili brethren, do not be the ones hanging on to false hopes and the villainous promises of the ‘damans’. They are nothing but falsehood. Do not be the first ones to reject the Qur’an, after Allah, in His Mercy, has made His Commandments clear and open to you. Do not be the ones to enflame on yourselves the everlasting and unbearable torture of the fire of Hell. Do not take the words of any man supreme, in contradiction to the words of Allah. Do not be the ones to bring an enervating and intolerable punishment of Allah decreed on yourselves. Read the words of Allah with understanding once, and then, judge for yourself what is the Truth and what is False.

If after reading the Qur’an, you still think that these self-made leaders and self-proclaimed holy men are deserving of your invocation, of your prayers, of your supplications, of your subjugation, of your subservience, of your obedience, of your tasleems and of your prostration, by all means, go ahead and do as you please. But at least, give the words of Allah one chance to prove itself as the Truth. Think hard deep in your hearts, and decide for yourself, if the Lord and Creator who created you, deserves that His Message should be followed or not?

Just give a moment’s thought about who are you dealing with? Who is this Allah? What are His rights on His slaves? Who is this ‘ar-Rahmaan’? Recognize Him through His noble attributes mentioned by Himself in the Holy Qur’an, and you will never need another unauthorized fake interpreter or imam, in this world and in the Hereafter?

Allah says describing Himself in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 42 Surah Ash-Shura verse 11:

There is absolutely nothing like Him (Allah) in the whole Universe… He is the All-Hearing, The All-Seeing.. To Him Alone belong the keys of the treasures of the heavens and the earth..

Allah says in Chapter 112, Surah Ikhlas Verse 1-4:

Say: He is Allah, the One and Only. Allah is Independent of all, and all are dependent on Him. Neither has He any offspring, nor is He the offspring of anyone; and none is equal to Him in rank.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an in Chapter 67 Surah Al Mulk verse 2:

He (Allah) created death and life that He may test you, to see which of you is the best in deeds.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 15 Surah Hijr verse 49-50: Prophet (saws).

Tell my servants, ” I (Allah) am very Forgiving and Merciful, but at the same time my chastisement is also very severe.”

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 51 Surah Dhariyat verse 56:

I have not created the jinn and men except for this that they should worship Me alone.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 3 Surah Ale Imran verse 175:

It was Shaitaan who was frightening the people with the fear of his ‘awliyaas’; therefore, in future, do not fear men, but fear Me (Allah), if you are true believers.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 6 Surah Anam verses 81-82:

And there is no reason why I should fear those beings you associate with Allah, when you are not afraid of setting up partners with Allah without any authority. Then tell me, which of the two parties merits peace and freedom from fear? It is those who believe and do not confuse their beliefs with wrong, that are truly in security, and they are the ones who are rightly guided.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 34 Surah Saba verses 22:

(O Prophet) say, “Call on those whom you invoke as deities besides Allah. They neither own an atom’s weight of anything in the heavens, nor in the earth. Nor have they anything to share in either, nor is any of them a helper of Allah”

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 22 Surah Hajj verse73:

O mankind, A parable is related to you, so listen to it. Those on whom you call besides Allah, cannot create a fly, even though they may all combine together for this purpose. Nay. If a fly snatches away anything from them, they would have no power to release it from the fly. How weak are those who petition, and how weak are those to whom they supplicate.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 40 Surah Mumin verse 60:

And Your Lord says, “Call upon Me. I will answer your prayers. Those who disdain My worship on account of arrogance, shall certainly enter Hell in disgrace.”

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 2 Surah Baqarah verse 186:

And if My servants ask you, O Prophet, concerning Me, tell them that I am quite near to them. I hear and answer the prayer of the suppliant, when he calls on Me. So let them respond to My call and believe in Me. (Convey this to them), perhaps they may be guided aright.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 58 Surah Mujadalah verse 22:

They (the believers) are of the party of Allah. Truly it is the Party of Allah which will achieve True Success.

Allah Alone is our Creator, or Protector, or Lord, our Fashioner, our Provider, our Judge, our Preserver, our Maintainer, our Reckoner, our Originator, our Restorer, our Pardoner, our Governor, our Enricher, our Gatherer, and our Resurrector.

He Alone is The Beneficent, The Merciful, The Mighty, The Compeller, The Holy, The Majestic, The Evolver, The All Knowing, The Subduer, The Bestower, The Exalter, The Honorer, The Aware, The Hearing, The Just, The Watchful, The Witness, The Praiseworthy, The Truth, The Alive, The Eternal, The Noble, The Powerful, The One, The Unique, The First, The Last, The Avenger, The Guide, The Incomparable, The Patient, The Giver of Life, The Giver of Death, and the Lord of Majesty and Bounty.

My beloved Ismaili brethren, recognize your Creator, and you will never need another false Interpreter, Guide, Imam to hold. He Alone is sufficient for the believers, and the ones who indeed believe in Him, put all their trust in Him. There is nothing like unto Him in the Whole Universe. He is Allah, the only Master of the day of judgment.

May Allah guide all Ismailis to Siraat al Mustaqeem. May Allah open your and our hearts to the understanding of His Message, which He, in His Sublime Mercy has revealed for our guidance. May Allah have mercy on us, help us, and forgive us our sins.

May Allah guide Ismailis to read and understand the simple and plain words of the Glorious Qur’an. May Allah increase our knowledge from the Holy Qur’an. May Allah guide us to the Siraat al Mustaqeem.

Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allah’s Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.

Aga Khan with Rose Witchestein

Aga Khan and Rose Witchestein
Aga Khan and Rose Witchestein. Copyright: Hola Magazine 24/07/2007

Nearly three years after his separation from his German wife Gabriele Thyssen Homey, in October 2004, Aga Khan was caught by Hola magazine on camera for the first time with his new girlfriend Rose Witchestein, the woman who, they say, conquered his heart.

Along side the picture, the magazine mentioned that since the past two months, the couple had divided their time between Paris, London and Costa Esmeralda, where there were currently enjoying a summer vacation.

During her stay, Rose was also introduced to Aga Khan’s daughter, Princess Zara.

Source: http://www.hola.com/noticias-de-actualidad/24-07-2007/49393/casasreales/


Coffee with His Highness the Aga Khan

GOATMILK: An intellectual playground

By Rachel Morarjee


Published: September 26 2008 18:57 | Last updated: September 26 2008 18:57

In a deeply undignified start to my interview with one of the world’s most famous spiritual leaders, I am pressing my face against the glass of the Ismaili Centre in South Kensington, gesticulating wildly as I try to catch the eye of the dark-suited security man. It seems to me he is, perhaps reasonably, deliberately ignoring the madwoman outside.

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Ismā‘īlī Du‘a’: Why Aga Khan Has Secretly Rejected The Muslim Salah

Aga Khan claims to his followers that he brings an esoteric (baatini or hidden) meaning of the Quran which has not been understood by anyone else in the Muslim ummah.

However, Aga Khan’s esoteric interpretation of Quran is drastically opposite to teaching of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and goes against the understanding of all scholars of ummah and all other sects of Islam. Such is the extent of mismatch between the Nizari Ismailis and the rest of the Muslim ummah, that Ismailis are well-known rejecters of the Muslim prayer (salah), fasting (sawm), charity (zakat) and pilgrimage (hajj) as prescribed by the Quran and demonstrated by the Prophet (pbuh).

Aga Khan claims that Salat is been changed to the Ismaili Holy Du‘a’ by Allah for current times.

Ismailis’ Rejection of Friday Muslim Prayer

The Quran commands us as follows in Chapter 62, Verse 9:

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِذَا نُودِيَ لِلصَّلَاةِ مِن يَوْمِ الْجُمُعَةِ فَاسْعَوْا إِلَىٰ ذِكْرِ اللَّهِ وَذَرُوا الْبَيْعَ ۚ ذَٰلِكُمْ خَيْرٌ لَّكُمْ إِن كُنتُمْ تَعْلَمُونَ


O you who have believed, when [the adhan] is called for the prayer on the day of Jumu’ah [Friday], then proceed to the remembrance of Allah and leave trade. That is better for you, if you only knew.

However, Ismailis are never ‘called’ for prayer through the Prayer Call (adhan, أَذَان‎) as adhan is never called in their ‘Jamatkahanas’ and they do not offer any Friday prayers in line with the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions, including Ali (ra) who they revere. Instead, Ismailis offer their usual 6 ‘paats’ of Holy Du’a on Friday as they do any other day.

The Prophet (pbuh) said, as narrated in Sahih Muslim, Book 4, Hadith 1882:

‏ ‏ لَيَنْتَهِيَنَّ أَقْوَامٌ عَنْ وَدْعِهِمُ الْجُمُعَاتِ أَوْ لَيَخْتِمَنَّ اللَّهُ عَلَى قُلُوبِهِمْ ثُمَّ لَيَكُونُنَّ مِنَ الْغَافِلِينَ‏


People must cease to neglect the Friday prayer or Allah will seal their hearts and then they will be among the negligent.

Ismailis cannot argue that their Holy Du’a is a supererogatory (additional) prayer to the Muslim Salah since the timings of both Salah and Du’a overlap each other and no person can claim to offer both the Islamic Salah as well as the Ismaili Dua.

Ismailis might claim that their Holy Du’a offered on Friday evenings after sunset are equivalent to the Friday prayer. However, the following hadith proves that the usual Ismaili Holy Du’a offered by the Ismailis on Friday is not equivalent to the Jum’a prayer as offered by the Prophet (pbuh) as narrated in Sahih Muslim, Book 4, Hadith 1903:

عَنْ جَابِرِ بْنِ عَبْدِ اللَّهِ، قَالَ جَاءَ سُلَيْكٌ الْغَطَفَانِيُّ يَوْمَ الْجُمُعَةِ وَرَسُولُ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم يَخْطُبُ فَجَلَسَ فَقَالَ لَهُ ‏ يَا سُلَيْكُ قُمْ فَارْكَعْ رَكْعَتَيْنِ وَتَجَوَّزْ فِيهِمَا – ثُمَّ قَالَ – إِذَا جَاءَ أَحَدُكُمْ يَوْمَ الْجُمُعَةِ وَالإِمَامُ يَخْطُبُ فَلْيَرْكَعْ رَكْعَتَيْنِ وَلْيَتَجَوَّزْ فِيهِمَا ‏


Jabir b. ‘Abdullah reported that Sulaik Ghatafani came on Friday when the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was delivering the sermon. He (Sulaik) sat down. He (the Holy Prophet) said to him: O Sulaik I stand and observe two rak’ahs and make them short, and then said: When any one of you comes on Friday, while the Imam delivers the sermon, he should observe two rak’ahs and should make them short.

The Ismailis have no concept of rak’ahs (units of prayer) in their Holy Du’a. Instead they have six ‘paats’ in their prayer. They also have no concept of two Friday Khutbahs in their Jamatkhanas.

Ismailis claim to follow Ali (ra) and his descendants. However, Ali (ra) never used to go to a Jamatkhana and he diligently observed, and during this time as Caliph, led the Muslim Friday prayer. It is mentioned in Nahjul Balagha (The Peak of Eloquence) that Ali (ra) instructed in his letter to Harith Hamdani:

“Never start on a travel on Fridays without attending Friday prayers unless you are going out for Jihad or there is no alternative for you but to set out.”

Friday Prayer is proven from Quran and from the teachings of Prophet (pbuh) but Ismailis do not offer Friday prayers in line with the Quranic commandments, Prophetic (pbuh) traditions or the tradition of the Prophet’s (pbuh) companions (ra) including Ali (ra).

Adoption of the Sunni Muslim Eid Salah and the Funeral Salah

Strangely enough, Ismailis do offer the Eid salah in the way Prophet taught us. Ismailis do Ruku in their Eid salah while they neglect the Ruku in their Holy Du’a. Similarly, upon decease of any Ismaili, the funeral salah is offered in the method of Sunni Muslims.

Rejection of the Muslim Qibla

Allah says in the Holy Quran, Chapter 2, Verse 144:

قَدْ نَرَىٰ تَقَلُّبَ وَجْهِكَ فِي السَّمَاءِ ۖ فَلَنُوَلِّيَنَّكَ قِبْلَةً تَرْضَاهَا ۚ فَوَلِّ وَجْهَكَ شَطْرَ الْمَسْجِدِ الْحَرَامِ ۚ وَحَيْثُ مَا كُنتُمْ فَوَلُّوا وُجُوهَكُمْ شَطْرَهُ ۗ وَإِنَّ الَّذِينَ أُوتُوا الْكِتَابَ لَيَعْلَمُونَ أَنَّهُ الْحَقُّ مِن رَّبِّهِمْ ۗ وَمَا اللَّهُ بِغَافِلٍ عَمَّا يَعْمَلُونَ


We have certainly seen the turning of your face, [O Muhammad], toward the heaven, and We will surely turn you to a qiblah with which you will be pleased. So turn your face toward al-Masjid al-Haram. And wherever you [believers] are, turn your faces toward it [in prayer]. Indeed, those who have been given the Scripture well know that it is the truth from their Lord. And Allah is not unaware of what they do.

Duing the Ismaili Du’a, the leader (mukhi) of the Jamatkahana and the worshipers are facing each other while during the Eid salah and during Funeral prayers, Ismailis along with their mukhi face the Muslim Qibla.

One might think that if the Ismaili Holy Du’a has replaced the Islamic Salah, then why do Ismailis offer the Eid salah? Why do Ismailis offer the funeral salah like the Muslims do? What is the reason of such illogical and contradictory interpretation of the Quran and the Sunnah?

The reason is that Eid and funeral prayers held openly for the non-ismailis to observe, while the Holy Du’a is offered in the restricted “Ismailis Only” Jamatkhanas and Ismaili Centers worldwide. Inside these closed doors the Ismailis can freely offer their shirk-infested Holy Du’a.

Click here to view a complete video of the complete shirk-infested Ismaili Holy Du’a offered in Jamatkhanas today (includes English transliteration and translation).

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Aga Khan III vs. Aga Khan IV: Who’s Right?

by Akberally Meherally

1. Views of Aga Khan III on The Qur’an

The scanned image below expresses the view of the Late Aga Khan III on the Glorious Qur’an. The image is of a Religious Pronouncement (Farman, also called Rahemat [mercy]), Number 11 made during the Late Aga Khan’s first visit of Africa. The city was then known as Zungbar, Zanzibar. The Religious Pronouncement was made on 30th, July 1899 and was later published in a Hard Cover Book entitled Baher-e-Rahemat. The script is called the Old Khojki Sindhi. There are a few elderly Ismailis from India and Africa living today, who can read this text. This Farman No. 11 is continued from page number 25:

Farman of Aga Khan III on the Qur’an

Translation of the paragraph that relates to the Qur’an:

Khalifa Oosman has omitted some portion of the Qur’an, and, he has inserted some portion. If I was to copy the Original Qur’an-e-Sharif it will take me six years. That too I will send you, so that you will come to know what has been omitted and what has been changed (by Khalifa Oosman). Year 1899 – 48th Imam.

Note: Needless to add that the followers of Aga Khan who were eagerly waiting for the authentic Copy of Qur’an from their Imam never ever got that Original Qur’an, but the doubt implanted by the Late 48th Imam (died in 1957) lives on in their minds. The reality is there only one Qur’an in Arabic – the language of its revelation to mankind, codified and circulated by the 3rd Caliph. The Sunnis and Shia’s both read and recite that Arabic Qur’an.

“It is for Us to collect it (Qur’an) and to promulgate it. But when We have promulgated it follow thou its recital (as promulgated):” Qur’an 75: 17-18.

“Praise be to Allah Who hath sent to His Servant the Book and hath allowed therein no Crookedness”. Qur’an 18: 1.

“(It is) a Qur’an in Arabic tongue without any crookedness; in order that they may guard against Evil”. Qur’an 39: 28.

2. Views of Aga Khan IV on The Qur’an

On June 23, 2002 at the inauguration of Ismaili Jamatkhana, Prayerhall and Center, Houston, Texas, USA, Aga Khan IV – the 49th Imam, affirmed before his own community leaders, Governor Perry, Mayor Wallace and other dignitaries; “Word of the Qur’an is the Word of God”.

Note: Recently, I met in Vancouver a couple of Ismailis from USA. When I quoted before them the above passage from their 49th Hazar Imam – Karim Aga Khan’s speech, they were surprised because this important passage about the Qur’an was not mentioned in their Jamatkhanas in USA. Hence, I suggested them to visit the website of The Institute of Ismaili Studies in London, England. Here is a direct link to that speech of 2002 by Karim Aga Khan – the 49th Hazar Imam.

In 1986, Karim Aga Khan on the Canada’s National TV CBC replied; “The only miracle in Islam is the Qur’an”, that was in response to the question by the TV interviewer Roy Bonnisteel; If his religious authority was Divine?

The question that neither Karim Aga Khan nor his predecessor the Aga Khan III has ever answered as to why they have NOT asked their own followers – Ismaili Muslims, TO OPEN the Doors of their Prayer Halls (Jamatkhanas) for the FRIDAY Congregational Prayers as Commanded by Allah in Qur’an 62: 9. What is good for them is not good for them?

Both Aga Khan III and Aga Khan IV have been to Sunni Mosques and have offered their own Friday Prayers under the Sunni Imams. Should they not be Leading the Friday Prayers of their own Followers in their Ismaili Jamatkhanas? Is there any sect of Islam that keeps the doors of their prayer halls closed?