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7. Aga Khan and Ismailism in the Media

Aga Khan with Rose Witchestein

Aga Khan and Rose Witchestein

Aga Khan and Rose Witchestein. Copyright: Hola Magazine 24/07/2007

Nearly three years after his separation from his German wife Gabriele Thyssen Homey, in October 2004, Aga Khan was caught by Hola magazine on camera for the first time with his new girlfriend Rose Witchestein, the woman who, they say, conquered his heart.

Along side the picture, the magazine mentioned that since the past two months, the couple had divided their time between Paris, London and Costa Esmeralda, where there were currently enjoying a summer vacation.

During her stay, Rose was also introduced to Aga Khan’s daughter, Princess Zara.

Source: http://www.hola.com/noticias-de-actualidad/24-07-2007/49393/casasreales/


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3 thoughts on “Aga Khan with Rose Witchestein

  1. Hi Akbar,
    Please let me know the source from where you get this information about aga khan.
    Asking this because i dont want to belive any thing blindly


    Posted by Abx | September 12, 2017, 9:07 pm

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