Hazar Imam’s Alcohol Business

by venkyhyundai

The complete prohibition of intoxicants was established through the following verse of the Quran:

O you who believe! intoxicants and games of chance and (sacrificing to) stones set up and (dividing by) arrows are only an uncleanness, the Shaitan’s work; shun it therefore that you may be successful. The Shaitan only desires to cause enmity and hatred to spring in your midst by means of intoxicants and games of chance, and to keep you off from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer. Will you then desist?

The Holy Quran, Surah al-Maida, Chapter 5: 90-91)

The above verse was revealed after initial verses discouraging the Muslim from praying while intoxicated (4:43) and before that stating that intoxicants do more harm than good (2:219).

The Prophet (pbuh) further instructed Muslims to refrain from selling of alcohol. It was narrated from Jabir bin `Abdullah that he heard Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) saying in the year of the Conquest (of Mecca) while he was in Mecca:

“Allah and His Apostle have made the selling of wine unlawful.”

Sahih al-Bukhari, Book of Military Expeditions led by the Prophet (pbuh) (Al-Maghaazi), Vol. 5, Book 59, Hadith 590

Furthermore, it was narrated from Ibn ‘Umar that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

“Wine is cursed from ten angles: The wine itself, the one who squeezes, the one for whom it is squeezed, the one who sells it, the one who buys it, the one who carries it, the one to whom it is carried, the one who consumes its price, the one who drinks it and the one who pours it.”

Sunan Ibn Majah, Chapters on Drinks, Vol. 4, Book 30, Hadith 3380

Aga Khan, who claims to be a Muslim leader and a self-proclaimed direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), openly disobeys the Quran. He owns a chain of luxury 5-star hotels known as Serena Hotels (www.serenahotels.com). Alcohol is openly sold in the bars of these hotels.

Wine Tasting at Polana Serena Hotel owned by Aga Khan

Wine Tasting at Polana Serena Hotel owned by Aga Khan

The following is a list of locations where Aga Khan sells alcohol:


Champagne offerings pictured in the homepage of Serena Lake Manyara. Source: http://www.serenahotels.com/serenalakemanyara/default-en.html

1. Afghanistan
1.1 Pool Bar in Kabul Serena Hotel http://www.serenahotels.com/serenakabul/dining-en.html

2. Pakistan
2.1 Pool Bar at Faisalabad Serena Hotel http://www.serenahotels.com/serenafaisalabad/default-en.html
2.2 Pool Bar at Islamabad Serena Hotel  http://www.serenahotels.com/serenaislamabad/dining-en.html
2.3 Pool Bar at Quetta Serena Hotel http://www.serenahotels.com/serenaquetta/dining-en.html
2.4 Pool Bar at Swat Serena Hotel http://www.serenahotels.com/serenaswat/dining-en.html

3. Kenya
3.1 Pool Terrace and Bar  at Nairobi Serena Hotel  http://www.serenahotels.com/serenanairobi/poolterraceandbar-en.html
3.2 Aksum Bar at Nairobi Serena Hotel http://www.serenahotels.com/serenanairobi/aksumbar-en.html
3.3 Wines, beers, spirits  at Mara Serena Safari Lodge http://www.serenahotels.com/serenamara/dining-en.html
3.4 Wines, beers, spirits at Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge http://www.serenahotels.com/serenaamboseli/dining-en.html
3.5 Wines, beers, spirits at Sweetwaters Tented Camp http://www.serenahotels.com/serenasweetwaters/dining-en.html
3.6 Wines, beers, spirits at Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge http://www.serenahotels.com/serenakilaguni/dining-en.html
3.7 Wines, beers, spirits at Serena Mountain Lodge http://www.serenahotels.com/serenamountainlodge/dining-en.html
3.8 Wines, beers, spirits at Ol Pejeta House http://www.serenahotels.com/serenaolpejeta/dining-en.html


Champagne offerings pictured at the homepage of Serena Lake Manyara. (Source: http://www.serenahotels.com/serenalakemanyara/default-en.html)

4. Mozambique
4.1 Aquarius Restaurant and Bar Polana Serena Hotel) http://www.serenahotels.com/serenapolana/dining-en.html
4.2 The Polana Bar(Polana Serena Hotel) http://www.serenahotels.com/serenapolana/dining-en.html

5. Rwanda
5.1 Lake View Bar and Terrace (Lake Kivu Serena Hotel) http://www.serenahotels.com/serenalakekivu/default-en.html
5.2 Ziwani beach café and bar (Lake Kivu Serena Hotel) http://www.serenahotels.com/serenalakekivu/default-en.html

6. Tanzania
6.1 Masahani Bar at Zanzibar Serena Inn http://www.serenahotels.com/serenazanzibar/dining-en.html
6.2 Wines, beers, spirits at Arusha Mountain Village http://www.serenahotels.com/serenaarusha/dining-en.html
6.3 Wines, beers, spirits at Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge http://www.serenahotels.com/serenangorongoro/dining-en.html
6.4 Wines, beers, spirits at Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge http://www.serenahotels.com/serenaserengeti/dining-en.html
6.5 Wines, beers, spirits at Lake Manyara Safari Lodge http://www.serenahotels.com/serenalakemanyara/dining-en.html
6.6 Wines, beers, spirits at Selous Wildlife Lodge http://www.serenahotels.com/serenaselous/dining-en.html
6.7 Wines, beers, spirits at Mivumo River Lodge http://www.serenahotels.com/serenamivumo/dining-en.html

7. Uganda

7.1 Mist Bar at Kampala Serena Hotel  http://www.serenahotels.com/serenakampala/dining5-en.html
7.2 The Kigo Bar  at Lake Victoria Serena Resort http://www.serenahotels.com/serenalakevictoria/dining3-en.html

For more information and an audio narrative, please watch the video below:

For further reading, please read our post with evidence where Aga Khan III claims to have consumed ‘oceans of champagne’. Click here to read.


8 thoughts on “Hazar Imam’s Alcohol Business

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  5. The funny and sad thing about Ismailis is that if you tell them about this fact (that their spiritual leader drinks or sells alcohol) they will deny it outright, even if you provide them with proof. But even if you succeed to convince them that it is true (or if they have already decided that they won’t deny it), then they will come up with another lame excuse like “so what, it’s part of the business?”

    I just recently found out that the aga khan park in toronto has a restaurant by the name of Diwan and they serve all kinds of alcoholic drinks. Very soon they will start serving alcohol at Jamat Khanas too, and I am suspecting aga khan has probably already decreed to them that drinking alcohol is okay. Even if he does not do it directly, he has already given them the message through his businesses.

    well, as a matter of fact, there is no such thing as “sin” in the Ismaili cult. As long as you love the aga khan and his family, as long as you participate in their foolish events, and as long as you pay your dues (dasond, etc etc), you are good to go.

    Indeed Allah has spoken the truth when He says “Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and over their vision is a veil ….. (Surah Al Baqarah).

    These people will go to any limits to defend their imam even if it happens at the cost of belittling the Prophet (peace be upon him).


  6. This is something new tha he is direct descendent
    Of our Hazoor (pbuh).
    Ismailis though are very much united . But how come they
    All are gujratis. Someone once told me tgey are convers
    From Hindus. ???? Also somebody passed a remark
    They are Jews of the east?? But they never call themselves Muslims? So what is Ismailis???? Is a big questions.
    Like Jews they are spread wherever they can mint money.
    More Ismailis means more money for Agha Khan for his
    Lavish life style.

    Like Ahmedis who had been declared Non Muslims origin of those is from Qadian India and in Pakistan Rabwah. Ironically
    They all are panjabis .

    Who created them and why they all are punjabi speaking and Agha Khanum Gujarati speaking.???

    Any small communicate is united like Jews who claim
    Israel belongs to them and they are well supported by West in particular by USA and suddenly God sent a masiha named Trump
    Who declared Jerusalem and very much opposed by
    Majority of nations in UN.

    He thinks being the President of USA he has the right
    To do what he feels like? What is actually his mission apart
    From Business??? He needs to be sober in politics. I don’t understand why America mixes most in other nations
    and why they are always prepared to send forces anywhere
    Is it because they want rule the world? Or is it because they have
    So much arsenal to ofifect USA which don’t have borders clash with any country.

    Are they afraid of Mexican influx the reason he wants to build a wall? Crazy idea. Bias against Muslims yet he has business interest
    In Muslim countries???
    Please Mr Trump don’t stir the world be good to have
    Peace in the world. It’s a joke whenever suits US representatives
    Either use veto or they become absentees in UN session
    Like this time what does Trump want to achieve in his 4 years tenure? Does he really want to achieve Noble Prize Not
    Doing miracles???? Hope he doesn’t follow
    The lines of of 2 Bush. Hope some good sense will prevail
    Sorry I added us whereas issue was Agha Khan?


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