My Encounter with a Ismaili Student

by Akberally Meherally

During the week end of February 11, 2001 I met a young Ismaili Student who attends the religious study classes in the Burnaby Jamatkhana. I mentioned to her the Arabic text of “Tawassalu Indal Masaib” which they mention in their daily prayer. She confirmed that they do recite it and added that their Hazar Imam Karim Aga Khan has the special “Noor (light) of Allah” which he has inherited from Hadhrat Ali and hence Karim Aga Khan has that special divine power.

My question was that when and where did Ali (ra) acquire that “Noor of Allah”?

She answered that it was from the Prophet at Gadhir-e-Khumm when he made Ali “Mawla”.

I asked if the Prophet ever claim he had that kind of special divine power which he was passing on to Ali (ra)? Can the Prophet (pbuh) delegate or give something that he himself did not possess? Can you give me $100 if you had only $10 with you? Did the Ummah of his time used to pray to the Prophet (pbuh) or to Allah in the time of difficulties?

The Fatimid Ismaili Imams had declared themselves as the representatives of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on their Gold and Silver coins during their reign from 297 A.H. to 487 A.H., in North Africa, Egypt and Syria and that was and is the truth. See the collection of coins by Mr. Fatehali Kala Sidi of London. Is the present Hazar Imam greater than the Fatimid Ismaili Imams?

Allah hath said: Choose not two gods. There is only One God. So of Me, Me only, be in awe. Unto Him belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth, and religion is His for ever. Will ye then fear any other than Allah? And whatever of comfort ye enjoy, it is from Allah. Then, when misfortune reacheth you, unto Him ye cry for help.

Holy Qur’an 16: 51-53

May Allah guide the ummah to his deen based upon his revealed words. Ameen


2 thoughts on “My Encounter with a Ismaili Student

  1. I swear by Allah that i have never enjoyed more than this now this is called logic. You know I am an afghan ismaili i also kept this toughts at times when i was a migrant in paksitan for 20 years but after taliban when i returned to kabul and then to tajikstan and china and met other ismailies . only then my quest ended. you are a logical person dear admin if you come to kabul you will see ismailies that will shift your grounds about ismailism and sharia or islam as whole. you wont believe that ismailies could be like this as well. and i am telling you that you will start studying anthropology and effect of Arab values and culture on islam and hindu values and culture on ismailism. afghans are ismailies whose bases are on shiaism or sunnism and what you call khojas are those whose ismailism is post hinduism. thanks for a challenging and thought provoking articales.


  2. Akbar the munafic, allah ak hy or prophat muhamad saww allah ky nabi hy,or ali momineen ka ameer ul momineen hy, hum ismaili shah karim al husaini (as) ko imam mantay hy,hum rasool pak saww ky farman, jis ka may maula hon ali b us ka maula hy. Kay tehad as a imam mantay hy, kia tujay maloom nahy ki sahabah rasool saww nay rasool saww sy pucha ki, ya nabi saww asman pr sadi bat(some book at 75 years) ek roshan sitara asman pr chamakhta hy wo kia hy,allah nabi saww farmatay hy ki wo roshan sitara may or meray ehli bayat hy. Second,khyber war may nabi saww farmatay hy ki,kal may ye aalam usi ky hath may donga jis ky hatoon allah fatah o nusrat ata farmaye ga .or yad kr akbar ye ali as he thy jis ny khyber fatah kia,kuch study kr akbar sahab dunia bht wasi hy bachoon sy poch kr q wahabi demakh chla raha hy.hum jantay hy ki wahabiat kia cheez log apni he byti behen or maa ky mu pr kapra dal kr sex ko jaiz smjtay ho kia esi ko islam smjay ya kuch or.Allah tmhain hida day bs dua he kr sakhtay hy.


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