Unedited footage of Karim Aga Khan’s father getting married in a Church

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Recently came across some footage released by British Pathe where Aga Khan’s father Aly Solomon Khan was getting married in a Church. the wedding was also ‘blessed’ by Aga Khan III – Sultan Mohammad Shah who was present there at the wedding grinning from ear to ear.

The video description reads:

18 May 1936 – FRANCE: Paris: General view of Prince Shah Aly Khan (Son of Aga Khan) and the Honourable Mrs Loel Guinness (Joan Guinness) out of church after their wedding and posing on steps / Close shot of Begum Aga Khan PAN to Lady Churston (aka Jessie Smither or Denise Orme the music hall singer) / General view of wedding party.

The video can be accessed from the following link:


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