Do Ismailis Follow the Quran?

This is a simple comparison between the texts of the Ismāʿīlīs versus text of the Qurʼān. Ismāʿīlīs reading the below can decide for themselves if they feel they are following the Qurʼān.

Supplications (Du’ā)

More relevant verses from the Qurʼān:


Some other examples of the Imām being stated as, or compared to Allāh ﷻ :

Satagur Miliya Mune AajImaam Begum says: Listen o my brother! Hazarat ʿAlī and Hazarat Nabi Muhammad ﷺ are our lords.
Aash Punee Ham Shah Dar PaayaaMy Master is ʿAlī who is the Provider and Protector. Come and meet the Imaam who is your only channel (for salvation). The Imām sees everybody but very few see the Imām (in His essential nature).
Tu(n)hi Gur Tu(n)hi NarO Respectful: O true believers! We have one concern about you and that is that you might confuse Haazar Imām in His physical form as an ordinary man.
Venatee Karu(n) Chhu(n) Saaheb MoraaThe ever-living Lord and Master has his seat in Kahak, manifest in the form of ʿAlī. He is the seventy-seventh vessel and fortieth Imaam, made manifest as Shah Nizar.
Jeerebhaai Qaayam Aayaa Shaahaajeeyu(n)O living brother! Countless felicitations and good news to you as the Everliving has come in the form of the Imām of the time

In contrast, the Qurʼān says:


In contrast, the Qurʼān states:

Imam = Allah?

This is just a taste of the amount of verses in the Quran that disprove and disown any ideology like Ismailism that claims to be from Allah. We recommend all readers to read the Quran translation and see for themselves. Due to its linguistic ease, we recommend the Oxford ‘Abdul Haleem’ translation.

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