Murder Threat Facing Aga Khan Critic

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Akberally Meherally explains how much he is under pressure ever since leaving Ismailism and refusing to worship Aga Khan

Akberally Meherally is causing a furore among Ismailis. The 61-year-old Burnaby writer says he has received death threats since he published a book critical of Ismailis’ spiritual leader, the Aga Khan.

Meherally – who paid to have 5,000 copies of the book “Understanding Ismailism” (click to download) published – takes issue with Ismailis “worshipping the Aga Khan as a God” and other practices he calls “unislamic”.

“I was born as a Ismaili in a very devout family,” Meherally said yesterday. “But I am not now a practicing Ismaili because I do not approve of the prayers.” Meherally said the Ismaili Council of B.C. slapped a ban on his bok less than two weeks after it was released lat November. The council also ordered B.C.’s 8,000 Ismailis to shun Meherally.

He said his life has been threatened and he’s been summoned to appear before a council hearing in April to answer charges that his book is sacrilegious.

“Ismailis are professionals and businessmen but every community has its crackpots and fanatics,” he said. “One (telephone) threat was serious.”

But Ismailis say Meherally si just out for publicity to boost his book sales. “Some of his facts are quite valid,” said Ismaili Anwar Jeffra, a Vancouver optician. “But he’s just after publicity.”

Lawyer Don Houston, prepresenting the Ismaili council, said the Meheraly case is “an internal affair.” The hearing will be held before the arbitration and reconciliation board, a quasi-judicial Ismaili body.

Credit: The Province, Wednesday, March 15, 1989

9 thoughts on “Murder Threat Facing Aga Khan Critic

  1. Mr. Khoja – you are a sick man. This article is dated 1989.
    Why are you after Ismaillis? Mind you own business and get a real job. It seems you are bored with your life

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    • Thank you for your civilized comment. Yes this article is from 1989 and it proves that I present facts are they are. Being dated from 1989 doesn’t mean that you guys didn’t threaten one of the first people who left Ismailism, stood up and spoke up against your Hazar Imam.


      • 30saal pehle meri Akber Ali Mehar Ali se kuch discussions huwi
        That Ismaili call themselves as Shia Ismaili Nizari Muslims they believe in one God and consider that He incarnated on earth as Ali therefore the old prayer says Ali Allah means Ali is Allah
        I answered him that just forget everything and look in your own name
        Akber Ali Mehar Ali
        That’s means Ali is Akber as Allah is Akber and Mehar is Allah and Mehar is Ali
        And if everything is in Allah as in Quran says Inna allaha ala kulli shay’in qadir’
        Wa Kul shay in ahsaynahu fi imamum mubin
        And we have vested everything in the manifest Imam

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  2. Akber Mehrali was doing social work with my brother Noordin Hussein at Mohammadi girls Academy under the Ismaili Youth services.It is sad to learn how such a good man who owned a press in karachi in the 60ties called souvenier printing press can be so anti Ismaili.He probably ran into financial distress because his wife was a devout Ismaili and did not look after his children but instead donated every thing to the jamaat khana due to her piety.This is the crux of the problem not the Aga khan or his wrongly projected image of Ismailism.


    • Dear Saleh Muhammad Hussein: Sorry to burst your bubble, but Akbarally Meherally’s wife also converted to Islam and left Ismailism. Your stories about her being a devout Ismaili is as outdated as your notion of them being in “financial distress”, because Br. Akbarally and his wife owned a flourishing business in the BC province of Canada. Such a prominent missionary and his wife saw the light of Islam and left the darkness of Ismailism by the grace of Allah.


  3. Ismailis are some the most deceived cults I have seen and heard. I have studied alot about Islam and its branches. How they practice their religion or worship their Allah, the Aga Khan.
    I am an atheist, if i was to choose a religion it would be never be Ismailism, they are a cult


    • totally agree
      It is much much much and much better to be an atheist or even a hindu than to be an Ismaili. At least being an atheist you just don’t believe in anything (as far as divinity is concerned), as a hindu, you don’t worship living beings or at least you don’t “benefit” some human beings with your worship. In Ismailism it is all about serving this one particular man and his family, that is all there is to this cult.


      • I am an Isamili person, But I like to take interest in Other Religion also in our India, So this Aga Khan Office wants to destory me and my family. this all are on paper to me. But I am not such wealthy as them, so can not do any this thing. Please Help me at your Level. I want to write this all to our IMAM, Aga Khan so please provide me their email id if have. THanks YAM


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