Ismaili Karim Kamdar kills Wife, shoots his children and commits suicide | Ismaili Terrorism

Whereas Ismailis are famous for claiming credit for the “Ismaili community” wherever possible, they are also quick to shurg off the “Ismaili” tag when they are caught doing honor killings, frauds and ponzi schemes. One such example is that of Karim Kamdar – a Ismaili who murdered his own family in Texas. He used to own and operate the Superway Store in Richmond and his wife owned a day care center called American Heritage Academy and Child Care in Rosenberg.

Here is the news from the news sources:

Texas: Pakistani Ismaili Karim Kamdar shoots wife, two kids, turns gun on himself

A husband and wife killed in a Texas shooting in which their two children were injured have been identified. Authorities have ruled the deaths of Karim and Nikhat Kamdar as a murder-suicide.

Early on Monday morning, the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office says an emergency call was made by the family’s daughter.


Dead: Karim Kamdar, 46, and his wife Nighat, 37, were found dead in their Texas home. Cops believe Mr. Kamdar murdered his wife before attempting to kill both children and then finally taking his own life.



Something went wrong: For nearly 12 years, Karim Kamdar ran a supermarket but was forced to close down last year. His wife owned a day care center. 

Deputies say they arrived to find the couple’s 15-year-old daughter, in the front yard of the house with a gunshot wound. Her 11-year-old brother had also been shot. Inside the home, deputies say they found Karim Kamdar, 46, and his wife, Nikhat Kamdar, 37. Police believe the father shot his wife to death before attempting to kill his two children by firing at them before ultimately committing suicide and taking his own life.


Unhappy family: Karim Kamdar first killed his wife, Nighat, before shooting his teenage daughter in the leg and attempting to take the life of his 11-year-old son. He then committed suicide. The children are recovering in the hospital and are expected to survive.

Both children were transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital where they underwent surgery and are now listed in stable condition. Authorities say both children are expected to recover.

Police believe the shooting stemmed from a domestic dispute and remains under investigation.

For nearly 12 years, Karim Kamdar rented and operated the Superway Food store in Richmond, however a year ago, he was forced to pack up and leave.  Mrs. Kamdar owned a day care called American Heritage Academy and Child Care in Rosenberg, according to friends.

Missed: Nikhat Kamdar was a loving mother and wife. Relatives have spoken of her inner beauty, kind and considerate nature

The family have released statement: This is a time of profound grief and sorrow for our family. No words can express the pain and loss we feel.

Our grief and pain is compounded by the unknown circumstances that have led to this tragic event. We would like to thank our neighbors and friends for their concern and support, and the law enforcement officials for their efforts to investigate the circumstances leading to this tragic event.

We would also like to thank the press for respecting our need for privacy and allowing us to bereave our beloved family member’s death with dignity.’

Principals at Brazos Bend Elementary School and Travis High School, where the two children attended school, sent letters home to parents making them aware of the incident. Counselors will be made available at both schools if any students need to talk.

Child Protective Services officials say they now have custody of the couple’s children and they are trying to get in contact with relatives in Pakistan and India.


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